Tomb of a Thousand Doors: A Mausritter Megadungeon

Created by Matthew Morris

A collaborative effort by the Mausritter Third-party Community; Tomb of a Thousand Doors is a complete campaign setting for Mausritter.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

6 months ago – Tue, Feb 06, 2024 at 09:28:12 AM


Sorry for not posting our EXTREME gratitude right away, it was my intention, but I was so genuinely overwhelmed and joyous about this project I just needed to kick back, turn off, and celebrate with family.

That said, I ate a nice home-cooked steak dinner as the final minutes of the KS wrapped up and I was amazed! Within the last couple hours ove $5000 more came in to support this AMAZING project!


Here is the road ahead:

  • BackerKit and pledge management will open soon (STAY TUNED)
  • There will be lots more from ManaDawn Tabletop Games and Bernpyle Press available as add-ons in BackerKit
  • For those who missed the campaign, we will be doing presales in BackerKit as well
  • RETAILERS, please reach out to [email protected] to inquire about wholesale pricing!
  • On our end, we are working hard to wrap all of the digital content in the next month or so. We are roughly 60% done with all the text, edits, layout, and art - so as soon as that is done we will get you all the digital content
  • Once the final product is complete in digital form, our product partners, Longpack, will get to work!

We are so excited for the road ahead!

Again, if you have any questions - Please reach out!

9 Hours Left!
6 months ago – Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 10:06:20 AM

For any who haven’t backed yet, Tomb of a Thousand Doors has 9 hours left on its Kickstarter campaign!!! Go snag this now! The digital level, $20 (which gets digitals of almost all the stretch goals), is a steal of a deal! After the campaign is complete the digital will sell on for $25, so snag it at the best price now.

You will be able to add any physical items you want during Backerkit pledge fulfillment. Also if you miss the campaign, we will have presales in Backerkit as well.

Once fulfillment begins, we will sell the books retail for ~$55 and the GM Screens for ~$25, so the KS is also the best over price for both of these ($65). As of now, there are no plans to print more boxes, so if you want that - KS and Backerkit is for you!

Again, on behalf of the whole team and this amazing community, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

6 months ago – Tue, Jan 30, 2024 at 12:44:36 PM

Sorry for the radio silence y'all, I was away on a much needed vacation. But I am back and stoked! 

We have officially hit all of our Stretch Goals!!! 

This is amazing, we are so thankful! As a token of gratitude, I want to show off two new pieces of art - that your support made a reality!

First piece is from Felipe and the second is from QBR. These are so cool!

The Sisterhood of the Tombkeepers
Don't mess with the Moths!

We are doing a huge crossover!!!

That's right! We are teaming up with the fine folks of Blister Critters to add another encounter to ToaTD that acts as a bridge between the settings.

What is Blister Critters?

Play the world’s greatest cartoon animal TTRPG!

Discover your inner cartoon-self in Blister Critters—a tabletop roleplaying game full of Saturday-morning action with zany anthropomorphic characters!

In this innovative eco-apocalyptic game, you play as an animal who can wield bizarre mutations. These strange abilities will help you survive in a vast, cruel suburbia populated by fellow Critters and feral Beasts.




Josiah Moore (with work featured in Mausritter: The Estate, Bernpyle, Lilliputian: Adventure on the Open Seas, Mayfield, and Tomb of a Thousand Doors) is launching a Mausritter campaign adventure and setting called Tiny Fables in less than a week! PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS! LIKE YOU REALLY NEED TO!!!

Antonio Buch, who has been a massive part of this project and a super active member of the Mausritter community is bringing a cool new tool to you this Zine Month over on Crowdfunr! PLEASE GO GIVE THIS PROJECT SOME LOVE!

Last little spotlight!

Love Mausritter? Of course! 

Love Into the Odd, the system Mausritter is built on? You should! 

Need more Into the Odd material? Your answer better be YES - and if so...

The Wigmaker's Fingers by MaxMoon is for you!

6 months ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 08:40:12 PM

Somebody told me once, "You cannot ever over communicate..."

I still don't know if they were right. I sure don't want to smoother y'all with updates. However, we have some more cool news.

We unlocked our next SECRET STRETCH GOAL!

I like stickers, you like stickers I'm sure, so why not hook you up with one. It is just another little token of our gratitude to all of your support! The stickers will be available as add-ons for $5 and you can snag a bunch if you'd like!

Backers at the $120 Premium Item tier and the $150 Box Set tier will get a stick as part of their rewards. Here is a look at what they are gonna look like.

simple sweet.

Project Spotlight...

My friend Marco Serrano is running a campaign for a super cool and beautifully weird sci-fi adventure game. Introducing GREENHORNS!

Greenhorns is a roleplaying game where you play as powerful Kruxians bringing new life into the cosmos and protecting your home planet from rogue vengeful anomalies. Beware! It's a pretty dangerous job. After all, there's a reason you're all greenhorns.

Planet creation missions feel like dungeon diving. Bounty hunting missions challenge the crew to topple enemy schemes and eliminate lethal adversaries. And Kruxor, the crew's home planet, is an everchanging sandbox location that provides prominent factions and opportunities for developing your characters.

The ~100 page hardcover contains player-facing rules that fit on the character sheet, 13+ missions, and dozens of hours of gameplay.

Go check out their Kickstarter and consider backing this awesome game from super awesome creators!!!

Thanks y'all. It is 8:40pm PST here so I am expecting to wake up to our next stretch goal ($55k) will be unlocked. You are all so amazing and I am continually humbled by your support!

Little Reminder
6 months ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 02:30:35 PM

For those who backed the $120 level (Premium Items tier), no need to upgrade to the Box Set as you already get "the box set + more).