Tomb of a Thousand Doors: A Mausritter Megadungeon

Created by Matthew Morris

A collaborative effort by the Mausritter Third-party Community; Tomb of a Thousand Doors is a complete campaign setting for Mausritter.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

6 months ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 01:51:15 PM

Thanks to y'all...

Post KS/BackerKit campaign we will be offering these cassettes in a LIMITED RUN (KS Backers get early access).

This tape will have the entire album we've unlocked in this Kickstarter campaign PLUS a completely new dungeon to explore! We are stoked!

That is not all!

We have heard many of you asking about making this product a box set... Well, we did!

Now available at $150 is everything neatly backed into one reward level. That's right, all of the physical items (except the balms and premium curated item) are in one spot!

If you backed at the $45 or $60 pledge level and then added a bunch of goodies in the add-ons section - you can now upgrade your pledge level to the box set and get it all in one easy pledge.

Hope this makes everyone's life easier and brings you all some amazing content!

While we're talking about amazing content...

who wants a peek at some of the new art? 

this is a WIP by the amazing QBR!

6 months ago – Wed, Jan 17, 2024 at 03:00:28 PM

Wanted to let everyone know that Mausritter Box Sets are back in stock at Exalted Funeral and Games Omnivorous! This is great news! No time like the present to snag it!

Not just the box set but also The Estate!!!

Also, congrats on breaking through the next Stretch Goal! We unlocked the intro adventure and two new songs! Next goal at $50k

6 months ago – Mon, Jan 15, 2024 at 04:10:29 PM

Quick Follow-up on the previous update and Stretch Goal unlock...

Just to clarify and clean up any verbiage on the the box for all the goodies. 

  • All Premium Items tier backers will receive a box as part of their rewards.
  • All physical level backers can get this as an add-on to their rewards, both during the Kickstarter campaign and the BackerKit pledge fulfillment stage. 
  • As of the moment we have no plans to make more boxes after this campaign completes.

Hope all of that makes sense. To add this to an existing pledge - just edit reward and add the box in the add-on section for $20. 

Thank you all so much for helping make this project a reality!

6 months ago – Mon, Jan 15, 2024 at 10:22:09 AM

Nearly 1 Week under our belts...

Mock-ups. Final may be a little different.

Stretch Goal Success

We have officially burst through our $40k Stretch goal which means we have unlocked a box to hold all of the goodies! This book comes standard with the Premium Item tier and will be available as an Add-On for all physical tiers ONLY DURING THE KS CAMPAIGN. This box will not be available as a stand alone after the Kickstarter campaign ends, so snag it now. 

Mock-up. Final may look a little different.

To-date, we have unlocked five of our planned stretch goals, which is FREAKING RAD!

We have revealed two more Stretch Goals as well. First off, at $45k we will add 2 MORE SONGS to our dungeon synth album. Not only that, we will write and produce a trifold pamphlet (digital except for Premium Tier backers) that will serve as an intro adventure for your mice, giving you more hooks and even more rumors! The second revealed goal is at $50k - and its a CASSETTE TAPE of our album! You asked, we will try (with your help) to deliver! The cassette will not be a physical reward or even an add-on; it will be made available for pre-order sales after the KS campaign is over. KS Backers will have early access to get this item as it will be a limited run.

We are pretty excited...

This campaign still has just over 2 weeks to go and our team is so excited to see where it goes.

Did we mention we are bumping the pay of our contributors?

That is right! Because of your support - we are able to increase the support we are giving to all those who made this project possible; SO THANK YOU!

Updates will be fewer and farther between moving forward but as always, if you want to reach out and ask any questions please feel free to at [email protected]


Quick Day 5 Update.
6 months ago – Sat, Jan 13, 2024 at 03:27:10 PM

Little Update

No real new news, we are still chugging along! Pretty Excited! Looking forward to the next Stretch Goal which is a box! This is going to be really cool!

You may have noticed in the add-on section Beard Balm and Lip Balm and may have thought, "Whaaat??" Well, Plus One Exp love to make themed balms for all of their products and since we partnered - we are joining the craze. (But we are cooler than the rest!) Because Mausritter takes place in a human world were you play as normal size mice who utilized human tool, supplies, and resources to survive - we thought, "Let's make these in-game artefacts!"

Let me introduce you to...

Beard Balm (4 inventory slots, 9 uses). Ration or Light Source. Edible as a Ration. Mark 1 usage per Ration used. Use as a bonfire by lighting the waxy substance (mark 3 usage dots). If burned for a Long Rest, all creature within close proximity replenish their attribute stats to Max.

Lip Balm (2 inventory slots, 6 uses). Grease. Mark usage each time this grease is applied. Any creature attempting to move through a greased area must pass a DEX save with Disadvantage or fall down. Creatures must pass a DEX save to get up.

Kickstarter Spotlight

My friend Jim Hall of Brooklet Games is running a Kickstarter for their TTRPG called Beetle Knight! It is an awesome game and you should help bring it to life this upcoming ZiMo/ZineQuest! I also am writing the solo rules for this game!

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